Tailored administrative and executive support assisting values-based leaders increase their impact


Poukihi is a values-based organization that maintains pono ideals for clients while supplying them with tailored administrative and consulting services to ensure that their business is properly supported. 

Poukihi strives to increase operational capacity and grantor/investor confidence for clients by providing accurate and trusted financial data and analysis, administrative services, strategic planning, and consulting for organizational growth and development. Our services are diverse and adaptable to a wide range of organizational structures.

The benefits provided by outsourcing your business processes to Poukihi include:


Increasing the amount of time and resources the company is able to focus on more important value‐added, revenue generating or mission focused activities in which they thrive.


The direct costs of managing internal resources and overhead can be greatly reduced by working with Poukihi - an organization focused on providing you with business management solutions.


Our team is dedicated to supporting a broad range of organizations and will be able to assist with a goal oriented strategy that is tied to the vision of each. We have experience with multiple organizational structures and strive to tailor our services to the unique needs encountered.



Our team is comprised of professional specialists who have produced continued success throughout their careers, and are now publicly offering the services that have made Pono Pacific one of Hawaiʻi’s “Fastest 50” growing local companies (Pacific Business News 2015) and the non‐profit organization, Kupu, the largest recipient of AmeriCorps funding in the State. Our experience with complex funding sources, human resources (HR), financial management, and scalable internal controls and processes will aid local organizations in growing their existing business and developing new opportunities.



John Leong

Mr. Leong founded Pono Pacific LLC, a conservation/land management organization in 2000. Then in 2007, he founded Kupu, a youth development nonprofit. He currently serves as CEO for both enterprises. Between both organizations there are over 70 full time staff and 300 interns engaged each year.

He has dedicated his entrepreneurial spirit to preserve and protect one of the most special places on earth.


Jonathan Marstaller

Mr. Marstaller has served as Pono Pacific’s Vice President of Finance since 2012 and assisted Kupu’s finance department since 2014.

Before transitioning to Pono Pacific he worked in the Alternative Investment Department at State Street Bank & Trust.

Evan Laehā
Accounts Specialist

Mr. Laehā has been contributing his administrative and logistical experience to Pono Pacific since 2013.

He has an educational background in Hawaiian Studies and enjoys connecting to the land.



  • Accounting Services
    • Bookkeeping
    • Budgeting
    • Reporting
  • Financial Services
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Financial Modeling
    • Financial Analysis & Forecasting


  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Business Development
    • Network Development
    • Relationship Mapping
  • Staffing Services
  • Corporate Strategy & Development
  • Process & Operations Management
    • Value Chain Analysis


Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders (CTL) seeks to engage, equip and empower Hawaii’s next generation of leaders to start making a difference now.   These young leaders of character and competence will be the vanguard of creating a new era of growth in our schools and communities.  With signature programs and resources, the CTL works to find promising young leaders across our state, and to train them in comprehensive, character-focused programs.

Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders
Pono Pacific

Pono Pacific Land Management, LLC (Pono Pacific) was founded in 2000 to assist conservation managers and landowners with the monumental task of protecting natural resources in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. Pono Pacific is a Hawaiʻi-based, locally-owned small business. Pono Pacific’s culture revolves around the Hawaiian word “pono” or doing what is right and living with integrity.

Pono Pacific

Kupu is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Kupu in Hawaiian means “to sprout, grow, germinate, or increase.” Much like the kupukupu fern (of the same name), which is one of the first plants to bring life back to the land after a devastating lava flow, Kupu’s heart is to bring life back to the people, land, and ocean while restoring the larger community for a better tomorrow. Founded in 2007, Kupu was developed in response to the growing needs of Hawaiʻi’s communities to train up the next generation in natural resource management, renewable energy, energy conservation and other green job skill sets. Kupu is predicated on the Hawaiian concept of ma ka hana ka ʻike, “in working one learns.”



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